The pricing for a limo bus changes on a season to season basis. In general the busiest time of year is from the beginning of May until the end of September. In order to cut costs, we always suggest moving the date of service to a time that is better suited for affordability. Of course, there are other ways of saving money when it comes to renting a limo bus. We will take some time and tell you how how you can make the most of our your dollar! So browse the page in order to save yourself some hard earned dollars!

As we said before, a great way of saving money is to book in our off season. This will allow you get your Limo Bus at a discounted rate and still allow you to have a great night with all of your friends and family. If you're interested in finding out more about our off season then give us a call at 1-605-299-5059 in order to see when we have a Limo Bus available to use.

That said, we should probably tell you that if you can't book during our off season that's okay - you can still save money. Our least expensive days for renting a Limo Bus are Monday through Thursday. Those days are the "off season" of the week if you will. The next most affordable days to rent a Limo Bus are Friday and Sunday. Of course that leaves Saturday which happens to be our most expensive day. If the time isn't a priority, you can always save money by renting during the day.